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I met Parodi for the Abacada cover, his only solo album in a recording studio. We familiarized also because of very far common origins, he is a Genoese Sardinian and I have a Sardinian grandfather and a Genoese one. We sometimes traveled around Sardinia and moving around with Andrea was like being with a local pagan half divinity.

With Alberto Molinari I directed for theatre and created the videoart installation of Terracuzzatò, his event-concert at the Lirico in Cagliari with Noa, the Farauallas, the poetess Lidia Murgia, Francesco Sotgiu, Gavino Murgia and some other extraordinary musicians. When he got very ill, he asked me, with a testamentary determination dyed in prayer, love and vanity, to portray him alone and with his beloved family.

The meaning of those complicated days I still don’t catch, yet I do consider them a gift.  It was as if we had staged some kind of a death and living notice, through the composition of images created over time in Carloforte tuna-fishery. He was literally a singular performer and even if he is mostly remembered because of the Tazenda, I think that just his premature passing has interfered with his well-deserved international acknowledgment.

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