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This is a series of portraits of the artists at the BoCs Art Residency in Cosenza. I was a little ashamed to exhibit these portraits. That is why at the end of the Cosenza residency I placed them in the bathroom, a place where one performs functions that publicly would create shame. The artistic act is too often defined as 'necessary' and 'urgent'. Two words emptied of meaning by now. Well, what could be more 'indispensable' than the ritual that accompanies us daily within the walls of the bathroom? I state this without irony.

Even the word artist embarrasses me. The room with the toilet seems to me a good place to exhibit a work portraying artists. Myself included of course. The integration between the two works (THE RIVER’S CONFRATERNITY and BOCS ARTISTS)

consists of juxtaposing two different identities, or seemingly so, one, that of the guest artists set up in the bathroom, and the other, that of the organisers, sanctified upstairs with their holy cards.

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