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I’ve cooperated with Greenpeace for a long time, getting close to different matters and participating to a few operations. I once was on the Artic Sunrise ship and was attacked by a giant cuddle-fish that jumped out of the water and sprayed its ink on my camera and my face. A quite rare ethological event according to the laughs of the marine biologist who was there with me. Another time I was hit on the forehead with an unripe apple thrown by a Sicilian trawling fisherman who did not like having us there, the same guy that a little later offered us a case of fresh catch. In Honduras I felt the all-encompassing feeling of fear in front of the shotgun of a guard of a camaronera, an intensive shrimp farming that devastates mangrove ecosystem and local indigenous population survival.

I’ve argued a lot with GP activists that did not want to be filmed. I’ve lived interrupted and surreal days in Genoa during the G8, surrounded by huge Brazilian parrots while tragedy was burning on the streets. By working with Greenpeace, I was able to make some of my adolescence dreams come true, I was able to feel somehow helpful in something and also I was able to see that heroes with no fear nor reproach do not exist. No one is, men nor cuddle-fish. Long live Greenpeace.

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