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ITALIAN SOLDIERS/Spaghetti Requiem


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Thirteen Italian actors, many just starting out, for more than two months thrown on a Greek island to deal with a sumptuous Hollywood production. The movie being filmed is “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” by John Madden (Oscar winner for “Shakespeare in Love”). Starring: Nicolas Cage, Penelope Cruz and John Hurt. The young actors are astonished and happy, but also increasingly conscious to be there to represent a coral role of the purest cliché of Italians seen by Anglo-Saxons. At the same time, this stereotype isn’t a great deal to the actors that actually realize how, outside of the set, they do correspond to the image that Americans have of them. The actors constantly swing from founding gratification to hidden frustrations, from wild fun to homesickness. Italian Soldiers is the picture of a youth adventure as great as an unrepeatable season is. In the documentary historical memory is recalled discovering an Oscar winner that swears he’s Italian because “he talks with his hands, he likes to eat and he dreams every night of the mass murder victims”, and also to discover young Italian people that, in front of their war memorial, innocently admit to feel that recent past as unfamiliar and long gone. On the background, real Greek soldiers wearing old Italian uniforms and being walk-ons, a great deal of equipment, endless “spaghettate” (meals based on spaghetti) and endless days not knowing what you’re doing nor why.

RUNTIME: 56 min.

YEAR: 2001
Francesco Cabras
EDITING: Alberto Molinari, Francesco Struffi

Best documentary LAIFA Los Angeles Italiana Film Festival 2002
Best documentary Alternative Film Festival 2002
Best documentary Med Film Festival 2002
Torino FilmFestival 2001
Bellaria FilmFestival 2002
Cambridge FilmFestival 2002
IDFA Amsterdam FilmFestival 2001
Napoli Film Festival 2002
Maremma Film Festival 2002
‘Italiani Indipendenti’ Trento Film Festival 2002
PotenzaFilmFestival 2004
Special Event UCLA Cinema Course Los Angeles
Politecnico Fandango 2003
Cineporto - Roma 2003
Massenzio – Roma 2002
Neverland-Roma, Percorsi al digitale Palazzo delle Esposizioni 2002
Cinefabrica-Matera 2002
Salento Film Festival 2003
Facoltà di Psicologia della Sapienza di Roma nel corso del Prof. Gianni Montesarchio per Teoria e
Tecnica del colloquio psicologico.
‘Italian Soldiers’ è stato inserito nelle materie di esame 2002-2004 nel corso di Comunicazione della facoltà di Architettura-Belle Arti di Valle Giulia dal prof. Oliviero Beha.

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