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As many others, I also say that, in a broad sense, rock saved my life. Particularly Pete Townshend, The Who, Nina Simone, Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Sex Pistols, Lucio Dalla, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan e La Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare. When I was 19 I hitchhiked to London to see a Townshend concert and meet him. As soon as possible I started working close contact with music: almost everything leads me to or starts from there. Rockstars fulfilled those child and teenage spaces that are usually taken by soccer players and superheroes. I started when I was 15 taking pictures at concerts.

I would take out the soft part of long loafs of bread in order to hide lenses and rolls of film inside. If they’d catch me, I would always have fake rolls of film to give to the security guards. These little training cunnings stopped when I started working for music magazines. I was able to interview many artists, of these encounters I keep some precious words by J. J.Cale, Nina Simone e Stan Ridgway. Of the musicians I captured, working with al Di Meola, Sergio Cammariere and Andrea Parodi was special.

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