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The images document three projects of the NGO Terre des Hommes (TDH).
At Tiruvannamallai, in India, TDH takes care of children with neurological disorders of development. The second project operates in Salem’s district in Tamil Nadu where the proportion of girls in families is much lower than national average because of the practice of killing female newborns within poorer big families that already have girls.

This custom, fostered by ignorance (53% of adult population is illiterate), by superstition and by poverty, can be counter with recovery and prevention activities.

In order to save girls from infanticide it is necessary to bring a behavioral change that can be built in time.

The project in Bangladesh takes care of social, school and nutrition support for children and adolescents in Kurigram district and in Dhaka’s slums.

VIDEO - North Sentinel – The Lament of Lucky Bone

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